How we started


SUCAH founders Emma and Liz, after searching for months in vain, finally discovered a fantastic playpen to help keep their young children entertained. The problem was, like many great products, it wasn’t available in New Zealand. This required a substantial effort, and a bit of faith in order to get it here. When their new playpen arrived, they were amazed to discover just how many people were enquiring about this great product – only to then be disappointed to hear it wasn’t from somewhere local. After a bit of research and some valuable improvements (as you’d expect from a couple of ingenious Kiwis), the Extraordinary Playpen was born… and pretty soon after, so was SUCAH.

Five kids later - between them that is - Emma and Liz's focus is sourcing high quality, innovative toys. The best bits from around the globe. 

SUCAH (Stuff U Can’t Acquire Here) is dedicated to bringing you products that you may have seen overseas and have always wanted to get in New Zealand. Please contact the SUCAH team with any product suggestions that you would like to see available here. In the meantime, we’ll be keep looking for the most practical, high quality products we can source… that you might otherwise never see here in New Zealand.

Interested in stocking our products in your retail business? We would love to here from you! Contact Emma and Liz here